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History & Name

For almost a decade Metirionic can relate to many years of experience in the area of marketing, research and development of wireless systems from ground up. Based in Dresden / Germany, we have been responsible for the formation and management of complex development programs across multiple cultures and continents and successfully introduced products in the global market. Now we are looking for another adventure introducing radar technology to wireless sensor networks in combination with Bluetooth® Low Energy and IEEE 802.15.4 data communication.


Due to our focus on wireless ranging or distance measurements we decided to name our company “Metirionic”. This is a combination of two Greek words for “distance” and “measuring”. Therefore, the company’s name is spelled: Metirionic (not: Metrionic).


Dr. Attila Römer

Dr. Attila Römer studied Electrical Engineering at TU Dresden and did his PhD at the Vodafone chair for Mobile Communication Systems. In 2001 he joined AMD’s WiFi group and became responsible for the network layer development. In 2004 Attila Römer joined ATMEL as RF Solutions manager. He was leading larger SW development programs with teams in Germany, the US, Russia and India. In 2012 he moved from the engineering side over to product marketing and became responsible for the different IEEE 802.15.4 products of ATMEL. With Metirionic he continues to follow his passion for RF products that bring unique value for real time localization systems and many other wireless applications.

Our Greatest Value

Our Customers' Success

The combination of sensor networks and radar technology will break new ground for many applications. We have been developing leading edge technology for many years.


Our customers success is our success. We team up with you enabling new features, which establish competitive advantage over todays state of the art.


In alliance with our silicon partner we offer new characteristics customized to your applications requirements. From idea over proof-of-concept down through the complete development process – we are with you whenever needed.


Our team makes the difference. Team members from Europe, Asia and America form a unique environment combining the excitement with unique technical skills. We see our profession as an exciting part of our lives.


Metirionic @ your Service 😊


You can find our current job offers and several great reasons for working at Metirionic by clicking on the link button.

Comprehensive Know-How


Prof. Dr. Bernd Junghans

Consultant, Dresden


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Dr.-Ing. Erich Biermann

Consultant, Reutlingen/Germany


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Harold A. Blomquist

Consultant, Orange County/CA/USA


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Dr. Hans-Georg Giering

CEO of Finest Investors SE, Berlin/Germany


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Prof. Dr. Oliver Michler

Technical University Dresden, Institute for Traffic Telematics, Germany


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Best Support


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