Dr. Hans-Georg

CEO of Finest Investors SE, Berlin/Germany


Dr. Giering was born in Dresden in 1959. He graduated in Physics from the University in Leipzig in 1980. He then continued his research at the University and was awarded a PhD magna cum laude from Leipzig University in 1983.


In 1992 Dr. Giering founded his own company – Ärzteservice Dr. Giering GmbH, Leipzig – where he gained experience in running a small enterprise.


In 1995 he became Managing Director of GLOBANA Communications/Teleport GmbH, Munich, running a major communications pioneer.


Dr. Giering joined the First Sensor AG (formerly: Silicon Sensor International AG), a stock listed company based in Germany, in 1999 as CEO. He managed to grow this company at an impressive rate. Revenue increased from EUR 2.5 million in 1999 to more than EUR 110 million in 2013. First Sensor is admitted for trading on Frankfurt Stock Exchange at the prime standard.


In 2013 he founded his new company Magnosco GmbH aiming at revolutionizing the way skin cancer can be detected by electronic analysis.


In 2017 he founded Finest Investors SE together with other entrepreneurs with the aim of making equity available to young high-tech start-up companies and helping them to grow.


Currently Dr. Giering is a Board Member of Finest Investors SE, Berlin, NIJUTEC SE, Berlin, Metirionic GmbH, Dresden, Magnosco GmbH, Berlin and 3D Interaction Technologies GmbH, Dresden