Prof. Dr. Bernd

Consultant, Dresden


Professor Junghans was born in 1941 in Annaberg, Germany.


After completing his studies in Electronics at the MEI College in Moscow, Russia in 1968, he read for a PhD in Microelectronics at what is now called Technical University Chemnitz, for which he was awarded summa cum laude in 1972.


In 1976, he joined the Research Center for Microelectronics (ZMD) in Dresden to progress the field of microelectronic technology and design. In 1984, he was made a Professor at the Technical University Dresden in Microelectronic Technology.


In 1993, and until 2001, he became the Founder and Managing Director of American Microsystems (AMI) GmbH in Dresden. AMI developed mixed signal ASICS for major European companies such as Siemens and Bosch. In 2001, he became CTO of ZMD AG and, from 2006 to 2008, served as Managing Director of Simtek GmbH in Dresden, a nonvolatile memory company. Since then he has been working with various companies and institutions in microelectronic matters in a consulting capacity.


In 2005, he was elected a member of the Leibniz Society and, in 2010, became Vice-President of the Leibniz Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies (LIFIS). Conferences he has helped organize and chair include salient topics such as advanced solutions for renewable energy, localization methods for the internet of things, new sensor systems, intelligent logistics to name but a few.