May 2023

Your wireless ranging partner on Bluetooth®

Bluetooth is one of the most widely used wireless technology standards globally, especially for short-distance data transmission. Nowadays, it is heavily impacting on industrial digitalization solutions (IIoT). Ranging capabilities are a requirement in industrial applications (safety, rescue, monitoring machinery in a factory, tracking the movement of goods in a supply chain or people during a tourist activity). 


Metirionic holds 10 years of experience and customer success focused on RTLS based on IEEE, Bluetooth, UWB and CWFM RADAR. Metirionic offers fast and accurate distance and angle measurement solutions: 

  • Point-to-point/-multipoint measurements 
  • Tracking  
  • Radar (e.g. passive object detection) 


Metirionic Bluetooth offering 


Metirionic is specialized in accelerating time-to-market of RTLS based on Bluetooth/BLE that require distance measurement. Bluetooth devices are present in every industrial vertical and forecast to reach 7 billion units in 2026. This growth is driven by the increasing adoption of digital technologies in the industrial sector for which distance ranging information is required. 




  • Support to get compliance with Bluetooth standards. Assessment and consulting to accelerate your time to market. 
  • Expert assessment to develop a product based on a proprietary Bluetooth implementation. Metirionic expert team helps you to develop a tailored solution from your end application and fulfil IoT/RTLS needs for several components of the FW stack, from specification, development and testing to product launch. 
    1. Concept definition and stage support at the product ideation stage.  
    2. Design Reviews and technical support during Proof Of Concept phase.  
    3. Existing solution assistance to be compliant with novel requirements. 

Get started with our Engineering Services. Ensure the best functionality and optimize the architecture stack:  

  • Iterative process to fully characterize the system architecture 
  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses based on performance requirements and use cases 
  • Expert set of recommendations 
  • Project proposal to address the findings 


Radar on Bluetooth and BLE chips 


Metirionic Advanced Ranging Stack (MARS) is a proprietary solution based on Bluetooth/IEEE that enables ranging in critical applications. It can be easily implemented in any chipset and, it is based on channel sounding.   

MARS 2.0 DEMONSTRATOR is a SW and HW demonstrator that follows a specific configuration based on an standard Bluetooth®/BLE chip. It determines distances and angles with high accuracy. 


More information about Metirionic Bluetooth offering.


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