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Distance measurement with BLUETOOTH® and BLE

Fast and accurate distance and angle measurement solutions: 


  • Point-to-point/-multipoint measurements 
  • Tracking  
  • Radar (e.g. passive object detection) 


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Distance measurement with BLUETOOTH® and BLE

Support to be compliant with Bluetooth Standards 


Bluetooth is one of the most widely used wireless technology standards globally, especially for short-distance data transmission and is being heavily impacted by industrial digitalization trends (IIoT). 

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Assessment to develop a proprietary Bluetooth solution 


Metirionic expert team helps to develop a tailored solution for the end application. Through our Engineering Services,  our team helps to integrate IoT/RTLS requirements for various components of the firmware stack. From specification, development and testing to product launch. 

RADAR on Bluetooth® and BLE chips


Metirionic Advanced Ranging Stack (MARS) is a proprietary solution based on Bluetooth/IEEE that enables ranging in critical applications. It can be easily implemented in any chipset and, it is based on channel sounding.  

MARS 2.0 DEMONSTRATOR is a SW and HW demonstrator that follows a specific configuration based on an standard Bluetooth®/BLE chip. It determines distances and angles with high accuracy, allowing for the first time reliable positioning of Bluetooth devices even when no communication networks are available. 




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