Optimizing wireless distance measurement in IoT solutions

What we do

We provide Ranging Technology that enables reliable wireless distance measurement for Real Time Location Systems (RTLS)​


Metirionic combines years of experience accelerating time-to-market of RTLSWe integrate technology and provide engineering services in the field of Safety and Asset Tracking. Our highest expertise is focused on RTLS based on IEEE, Bluetooth, UWB, CWFM RADAR. These can be integrated into communication stacks like Bluetooth, WirelessHART, IP500, ZigBee or 6lowPAN.

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Our Contributions


Security and Safety
Asset Tracking
Context Recognition
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The most robust performance
Best in class silicon partners
Existing industrial use cases
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Our Technology Base

MARS (Metirionic Ranging Advanced Stack)

Signal Processing Middleware​
Radar (IEEE, UWB, BLE)​
Point to Point, Point to Multipoint, RADAR​
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Wireless Engineering Services

RTLS in-depth expertise​ ​
FW stack optimization
From specification, development and testing to product launch
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Ranging technology footage

Discover the benefits of MARS wireless distance and angle measurement in combination with IEEE 802.15.4 and Bluetooth® Low Energy  data communication.