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Wireless Distance Measurement

I Social Distance Protection – Overview & Classification

Accurate wireless distance measurements (ranging) are key elements for recovery of public life in the light of SARS-CoV-2 / Corona virus!


Worldwide demand for two kind of solutions evolving:

  • the open “mobile phone world” of Google and Apple (which are primarily based on the two proximity tracing approaches DP-3T and PEPP-PT)
  • customized solutions for closed environments: e.g. factories, schools, hospitals (with checkpoints for entry and exit)

Wearables can play a key role in both:

  • closed solutions and
  • as advanced measurement devices connected to mobile phones

→ Metirionic enables Wearables for social distancing applications!



II Social Distance Protection Tech – Call for Improvements

There are different technological approaches – which require improvements in:

  • acceleration and performance-enhancing of the entire tracing process
  • the radar performance needs updates
  • enhanced accuracy of distance measurements
  • improved availability and reliability of measurements (independent from the surroundings)
  • reduction of false-positive alarms
  • a technology that works independently from the mobile device

→ With Metirionic all the required improvements will be achieved!



III Metirionic Values for advanced Radio Distances

Metirionic is a key player at Bluetooth SIG and makes strong efforts for future standardization of highly accurate distance measurement. Our ranging technology is also available on IEEE 802.15.4 compliant devices of Microchip.


Metirionic advanced signal processing for multi-path, noise and interference mitigation:

  • enable reliable and accurate real-time point-2-point wireless (phase based) distance measurements between BLE or Zigbee connected devices
  • facilitate early access to preliminary implementation of future standard technology for Bluetooth based distance measurement (using Dialog DA-1469x)
  • do not require hardware adaptations or an external host processor, ensuring co-existence between the Bluetooth or Zigbee communication and the distance measurement process

IV Technological Solution from Metirionic – by Comparison



IEEE 15.4 –
Approachsolutions for distance measurement and positioning are based on measuring the strength or power of the received radio signalUWB trackers (tags) communicate with RTLS antennasGPS data is tracked to detect transmissionsphase-based ranging (BLE) within the worldwide, license-free ISM bandphase-based ranging (IEEE 15.4) within the worldwide, license-free ISM band
Reliability – inherently flawed measurementsnot reliable, due to the sensitivity of objects in the radio path blocking or reflecting the radio signals very error-pronepretty reliablenot reliable, due to the sensitivity of objects in the radio path blocking or reflecting the radio signals very error-proneYES, very reliable, because radio path blocking or reflections do not interfere
Accuracynot accurateaccuratenot accuratehigh accurate measurements
Works everywhere – independent from surroundingsnolimited outdoornoYES (works also in non-line-of-sight, in- and outdoor)
Risk of false-positive alarmshighlowhighvery low
Power consumptionlowhigh peak currentshighlow power

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