Wireless Engineering Services

Metirionic provides in-depth expertise in the field of

real time location systems, a need for IoT networks

Wireless Engineering & Project Services

​Metirionic helps the Internet of Things industry to localise specific sensor data accurately indoors and outdoors at the highest safety standards– especially in complex buildings and environments.


With the amount of connected devices growing globally, the ability to provide location in RTLS and IoT becomes a big demand. Distance and Angle relationship between wireless nodes is required to determine their relative position to each other.



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Wireless Engineering & Project Services
Wireless engineering &​ Architecture consulting

Ensure safe and reliable positioning information

Our engineering team works with you to fulfil particular IoT/RTLS needs for several components of the FW stack, from specification, development and testing to product launch.

  1. Concept definition & stage support – Get an expert assessment​
  2. Design Reviews & POC support – Ensure the best functionality​
  3. Existing solution assistance – Optimize the architecture stack


  • Software and system architecture consulting and definition
  • Full characterization of the system architecture and the performance based on requirements and use case 
  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses of  current solution. Recommendations for optimization and improvement
  • High quality assessment and tailored SW development to achieve the restructuring/implementation of modules according to the specified requirements and acceptance criteria 
  • Embedded Systems Software Development and high-level PC applications (C, C#, Python, Rust)
    • Bare metal firmware solutions
    • Realtime Operating System based firmware solutions
    • Multi-platform high level software solutions 
  • ​Signal processing and  multivariate data analysis algorithm development and implementation
  • Development of wireless and optical measurement technology
  • Digital Signal Processing design review
  • Development of platform independent extendable data and control interfaces
  • Virtualization with Docker 
  • Definition and implementation of CI and test infrastructure

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Accelerating time-to-market of RTLS​

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Metirionic combines years of experience accelerating time-to-market of RTLS

We integrate technology and provide engineering services in the field of Safety and Asset Tracking. Our highest expertise is focused on RTLS based on IEEE, Bluetooth, UWB, CWFM RADAR. These can be integrated into communication stacks like Bluetooth, WirelessHART, IP500, ZigBee or 6lowPAN.

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