IEEE 802.15.4

Our Basic Ranging Technology

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The IEEE Ranging Tech

The Metirionic ranging technology enhances the IEEE 802.15.4 based low-rate low-power wireless personal area networks (WPAN) with distance measurement functionality. The standard is the basis for higher layer protocol specifications like ZigBee, ISA100.11a, WirelessHART, 6LoWPAN and other.

Metirionic firmware enables features only available on RADAR systems in combination with silicon solutions by Microchip Technology in particular the transceivers AT86RF215, AT86RF233 and the SoC solutions ATmega256RFR2 and SAMR21.

In contrast to classic passive RADAR systems the reflecting target is replaced by an active sensor node. Thus one node acts as initiator of the measurement and the second node takes the role as reflector. Based on the gathered measurement results, the distance between the two nodes can be calculated and provided to a gateway for further processing.

The IEEE Ranging Tech
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Demo Kits

With our 15.4 demo kits, you will obtain the first experience with our ranging technology. The Metirionic Demo Kits are our demonstration hardware platforms where you can try the ranging technology with the best performance. These kits are Plug and Play.


For more information of our evaluation kits, just download our datasheets:

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