Aug 2022

Metirionic joins AMA Association for Sensors and Measurement

Metirionic GmbH is now a member of the AMA Association for Sensors and Measurement. 

The AMA Association generates the perfect ecosystem to provide a comprehensive overview of sensors, measuring and testing technology in its detailed industry directory. AMA directory facilitates the search of any supplier for specific sensor or measuring application quickly, easily and clearly.  

Our technology for real-time localization (Real Time Locating System – RTLS) of objects in radio networks is now available in the Sensor and Measuring Supplier Directory. Metirionic’s engineering team provides implementation and application-specific software programming. One of the advantages of our technology is its efficient operation inside buildings and complex environments. 

We are happy to take part in the AMA Sensors and Measurements industrial ecosystem.  

Check us and other members at AMA Directory. 

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