June 2023

AMA Digital interviews Metirionic

Metirionic was participating in the Sensor and Test trade fair in Nuremberg last month. Sensor and Test, the leading international trade fair for sensor, measuring and testing technology. 


During Sensor and Test 2023, Metirionic team presented the latest advancements with the upgraded MARS 2.0 (Metirionic Advanced Ranging Stack) which adds reliable 3D positioning information to Bluetooth® / BLE in any critical environment.  


Metirionic showcased in Hall 1 Booth 150 an asset tracking demonstrator based on MARS 2.0 that combined distance and angle measurements with BLE for the first time. 


MARS 2.0 demonstrator proved to conduct asset tracking in 3D within the Nuremberg Messe with the highest quality. This reliable technology overcomes the challenges and interferences indoor complex environments normally bring.   


Metirionic GmbH is a member of the AMA Association for Sensors and Measurement. Michael Kleine from AMA-Digital interviewed Attila Roemer (CEO) and Rainer Ihra (Head of Sales) in Metirionic booth to learn how MARS is improving existing commercial tracking solutions.  


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