Ranging Technology


MARS (Metirionic Advanced Ranging Stack)
Ranging Technology that enables reliable wireless measuring of distance and angles

Metirionic Advanced Ranging Stack


  • Ensure the most reliable wireless measurement – For your end-application
  • Seamless tailored integration – Into any communication stack and networking layer
  • Optimized memory consumption – Flexible Layer Architecture
  • The most reliable performance – Existing industrial use cases and integrations with main players


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The signal Processing Middleware that optimizes the reliability of any real time location system

What is MARS

End-to-End fully modular Middleware

  • Select only those SW modules that are needed to the final application (point-to-point, Bluetooth ranging, UWB, point-to-multipoint tracking …)​
  • Fine tune parameters per module (fully configurable)​
  • Licensed customized stack ​

Smart partitioning architecture​

  • Tailored integration with any protocol network layer (compliant with given latency, limited data transfering time, …)​
  • Clever structuring layers, running on Embedded and/or Cloud, tailored to the HW System capabilities​

Optimized KPIs customized to the end-application​

  • Highest Safety standards in complex environments​
  • Accuracy and/or ranging improvement ​
  • Reduce infrastructure and Facilitate scalability ​
Our demonstration platforms for evaluation purposes



NEW MARS 2.0 enables RADAR on Bluetooth®. 

Our RADAR BLE Demo is a SW and HW demonstrator that follows a specific configuration based on a standard Bluetooth®/BLE chip. 

It determines the distances and angles with improved accuracy and ensuring reliability for the first time on Bluetooth devices, through a GUI that simulates a tag tracker application.

Our demonstration platforms for evaluation purposes

Demo kits available

Demo kits available

MARS Demo Kit DMK-215 is a plug-and-play kit that follows a specific configuration, based on Microchip AT86RF215. 


It  allows to gain experience with MARS, test wireless distance measurement and angle measurements.


MARS is transferable to other communication stacks (Bluetooth® LE and UWB) and allows easy integration with other platforms.

For more information of our evaluation kits:

MARS Demo Kit DMK-215

Distance and angle measurement

Ranging Modules

Metirionic holds a pool of patents that allow to provide superior wireless measuring of distance and angles for RTLS. Ranging Modules target different applications based on point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and radar techniques.

Direct ranging versus TDOA or GPS Mode

  • While direct ranging allows for simpler calculations and therefore is extensively used where there are no infrastructure devices, TDOA allows an unlimited number of tags in an observation area.
  • There has been a notable shift from non-IoT devices to IoT devices over the last decade. In fact, by 2030, 75% of all devices are forecast to be IoT. 
  • Most RTLS applications nowadays will benefit from using TDOA and/or Indirect ranging because it suits better the scenarios with increasing number of tags.


Standard (Bluetooth) AoA versus Metirionic AoA

  • High precision position technology is helping many industry sectors, from intelligent manufacturing like automobile assembly or electronics to improve warehousing order and material flow efficiency. 
  • The Bluetooth specification enhances location services with AoA direction finding feature, which makes possible to detect the direction of a Bluetooth signal feature and improve accuracy. 
  • Metirionic approach extends AoA feature by adding the distance information. This new approach impacts directly in reducing infrastructure, since a single base station on the ceiling is enough to position tags below it. It also optimizes the channel usage since distance and angle are captured in a single measurement.

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