Entrepreneur, Bregenz/Austria


Hans-Peter Metzler was born in 1959 in Bregenz, Austria. After completing his studies in mathematics and theoretical physics in Innsbruck, Vienna and Munich in 1983 he joined the research department of Siemens in Munich.


In 1992 he became Managing Director and R&D-manager of Siemens Components Asia Pacific. After his return to Munich in 1996 he was assigned as General Manager of the microcontroller division of Siemens.


In 1997 he founded NewLogic Technologies, which became a leading IP provider for Bluetooth and WLAN technology to major microelectronic companies like Intel, Microsoft and Infineon.


NewLogic has been acquired by the Indian IT-giant Wipro in 2005.


In 2000 Hans-Peter Metzler founded Photeon Technologies, a major provider of semiconductor IP, components and subsystems for use in communications, automotive and industrial applications.


He is chairman of Aquin & Cie AG, Heliatek GmbH, ecoRobotix AG as well as investor and director of quite a few other companies and foundations.


Hans-Peter Metzler has broad interests in opera and modern art. Since 2012 he is President of the Bregenz Opera Festival.