Let us tell you some impactful customer stories

Application Classes for MIC Radar

Security and Safety

access systems

• proximity

• position finding

• virtual fencing

Asset Tracking

Localization in:

• logistics

• storages

• tunnels

Environment Recognition

• lighting

• surveillance of car park
(passive object detection)

Application categories & underlying Technological Approaches

and Safety


Point to Point – Position Finder

(distance and angle)





Point to Multi-Point – RTLS

(multiple distances and angles

with single measurement)




RADAR Applications

(presence and motion detection)



Understanding the Great Value we Provide

Application Stories: Safety Business

Locating Victims of Snowslides

With the MIC technology one can detect victims of snowslides even below deep snow (where UWB does not work)

Prevention of Collision

For example, we help trucks in mining to keep distance from each other

Protection of Workers

Metirionic protects workers on heavy machineries by keeping certain distances, (e.g. around harvesting machines or in production plants)

Understanding the Great Value we Provide

Application Stories: Tracking and Radar

Asset Tracking

We enable tracking of goods in a storage

Asset Tracking

We track train wagons in long tunnels
(again this is an area where no GPS works)

Context Recognition

Navigation and surveillance of cars in park houses is another project