we know the distance.

Demo Kit MIC-DMK-10

Tired of using RSSI to find your wireless sensor nodes?

Looking for a robust alternative to extend your wireless sensor network products with real-time-location services (RTLS)?

Give it a try! Evaluate the Metirionic technology demo for radio based distance measurements for integration in wireless sensor networks and RTLS applications.

MIC-DK-10 The Metirionic Demo Kit is a ready to use demonstration to discover the technological advantage of combining distance measurement and low power wireless communication in one system. The demo consists of two sensor nodes, which are prepared for evaluation of radio based distance measurements and one gateway, which is supposed to be attached to a PC or Laptop. The application user interface of the demo allows you to configure the sensor network as well as the most important parameters for the ranging operation and to run the measurement.


The kit is setup to provide best user experience and a high degree of flexibility during the demo session. The demo can easily customized to specific needs.

  • Battery powered nodes (suitable for AAA primary cells or NiMH rechargeable cells)
  • Network management and distance measurement control
  • Channel Scan to search for unused communication channels
  • Support of antenna diversity to improve operation in harsh environments
  • Easy extendable with additional sensor nodes

Performance Parameter

Outdoor range 500m
Average outdoor accuracy <0.5m
Average indoor accuracy <1m
Operation voltage 1.8V … 3.6V
Frequency of operation 2.4GHz ISM band
Radio Device ATmega256RFR2


Download the mRApp User’s Guide here.

Contact information

Please send us an E-Mail to sales@metirionic.com.